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Ransom (Free verse) by windyone

I heard your cries broken Angel they were echos of mine long ago He said he was my friend, as he led me into the room inside He said he had something to show me and in my innocence I followed Such a long time ago, but never forgotten

Dovina 20-May-05/1:10 PM
No, really! It's a good question and one you should answer. I don't see how any captive or seized property is redeemed by paying money or complying with other demands.

And DoubleU's revision below is perfect in its first verse. From there it slides a bit. But I think you need to pay closer attention to the comments. I'll admit that the votes you got on this are very low, mine included, and I'm beginning to see you might be a better poet than we first thought, so please ransom yourself with some thoughtful answers to DoubleU and Cristof.

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