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By Now (Free verse) by Lie2MePinnochio

By now, the sun has burned streaks in my hair and darkened my skin; an over-exposed negative like the rest of California. I feel louder by speaking less, for the summer has become a dull roar the only sounds which make sense anymore, are the crickets and the cicadas. We met at some random party you know, one of those THINGS little need for words we let our bodies direct us and made some kind of love The next morning, we went to sleep on the shore; our late-night romance was a sunburn by the afternoon Today, I simply watched as he, shirtless, made a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich Take it easy, man Adios, mis amigos The saga of beach culture will continue as long as there are gnarly waves While inland, High Society climbs atop poverty, rising higher and higher as they pile up Surf a big one for me dude, while the world is in despair Perhaps there is time for last-minute self-improvements; At the gym, a piece of Japanese currency, strung on a chain, beats against my chest It is time to go back. The polar ice cap is melting; I thought about this while I soaked in the hot tub Buzzzzzzzzzzz….buzzzzzzzzzzz Under a last of my beautiful skies

DreamerSupreme 27-Aug-03/6:20 PM
1: art wasnt brought into it, you had to bring it into this, all i did was use picasso's way of painting as a usefull way to describe how the mans face looked like after being beaten silly.

2: who gives a shit if his genius is far greater than anything written? his art doesnt TELL ME ANYTHING either.. it showed something maybe, but what that is, i dunno, im not a painter.

3: my boxer poem wasnt sposed to tell you anything either. It wasnt written to tell you anything new, and poetry doesnt exist just to tell people things moron. maybe it was sposed to reveal the world of boxing maybe? wasnt the purpose either, but i can think of alot of bullshit to justify my poem.. but i wont, since thats silly.

I wrote it because i could, i wrote it because i love to write. THATS IT. and when some asshole comes in and gets all high and mighty because i mentioned picasso, and gives me a 4, i get pissed, because: you could of simply told me it sucked, gave me a 4, and not show your ignorance.

No, you had to defend picasso, as if i spray painted over one of his masterpieces..

and personally, his paintings dont reveal shit to me, and ive read a million things that to me are worth more than his paintings..

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