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Unloyal Poon (Free Puss) by A Spanish Devil (Other) by <{Baba^Yaga}>

An unloyal poon she burns with regretful toss of nair, alone, up a creek of massengil without a paddle. I grope for her gentle poon, to finger her as she glides by, (like a snail on my marble floors) quivering for smoke and pork shoulder, but she sloshes wryly away like an off white bride blushing, menstrual clots in fluid cramping hypnotized as love seeks instead her cleaner ass... Whole moon, barren of yolk or egg her booty reduces my hard, pure, undefiled, staff of relief, no fingerprint, but a mushroom print, and spooge of face cream on her forehead she pools the line of men into a lottery passionately, vibrantly capable of fucking (them all) "with billowing skirt til break of day." I watch her fall in love with the black guy in the corner as I cry holding my red cock to the sky in sorrow as she slips and fades away upon his HUGE UNCUT MAMBA, sighing... I say farewell to her gaping unloyal poon.

Thissitestinks 3-Oct-03/8:06 PM
This is plagerism and I've already sent the entire url, copied pg etc in. Get a life! Even to make a parody you need consent. How old are you? 7? And how can anyone think this is funny? You have multiple accounts and are a loser! You sit there behind a computer screen w/o a life tormenting others when in real life I'm sure you've had your share of attitude adjustments! You're probably eating a chicken leg, greasy, un showered, fat, holding your blow up doll, singing along with the Jerry Springer Show and crying to mamma on the phone about what your fat ass wants for christmas! Get a grip and try this in real life! I cannot give you an "L" for LOSER so a "0" will do!

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