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Our New Tongue (Free verse) by Christof
How quickly I fall back on easy ways With you, whom I have spent ten months Hating - a strong word, yes, but How else to name what once was love? I have woken each of three hundred days The mask of your face on my face And now when the telephone rings I pick up the husk of your voice. Yes, since you ask, I have been amazed At how time's flown. My brothers are fine. The Ancient of Days still hangs From the spindly frame you knocked up once. And yes, I have seen the firework displays Like last year's - no, I took a friend. Yes, since you ask, she was Female. No, since you ask, we have not. I remember I laughed through the Mystery Plays With you, those Middle Age words meaning nothing, Those oaths of faith and love Were absurd in our tongue, our new tongue.

Up the ladder: la petite mort

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Overall Rank: 1630
Posted: August 20, 2002 5:59 AM PDT; Last modified: August 20, 2002 5:59 AM PDT
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[9] <~> @ | 20-Aug-02/8:04 AM | Reply
even more absurd, in hindsight. but, oh, to revisit, even for a moment, the halcyon, when those oaths were one's lifeblood...
[7] poetandknowit @ | 20-Aug-02/11:24 AM | Reply
Quite the good poem. The repetition works well, but I think the second stanza is calling out for a bit of work.
[8] Venus @ | 20-Aug-02/11:51 AM | Reply
Maybe best not to answer those calls. I know, easier said than done. Nice work. 8/10
[10] god'swife @ | 13-Sep-02/8:42 AM | Reply
Excellent. Hadn't read this before. "Oaths of faith and love" Please work on writing a new contract for all the girls and boys. I love stanza 4, awkward and sad without being awkward and sad. Is she married?
[n/a] Christof @ > god'swife | 18-Sep-02/6:21 AM | Reply
No she's not... do you think that because of the oaths? because they were strictly non-legal personal oaths. Always be wary of getting the local Registrar involved, that's what I say.
[7] searching @ | 25-Sep-02/1:23 PM | Reply
I perceive sadness and yet like your reference to "absurd" - very philosophical!
[9] daniella @ | 19-Oct-02/10:30 PM | Reply
you too know of love lost and lament. the heart beats heartier every time as the light of love dims.... be not afraid of offering another lick.
[8] Tintagiles @ | 23-Oct-02/6:20 AM | Reply
'The husk of your voice' is wonderful. I rather like this.
[n/a] Christof @ > Tintagiles | 23-Oct-02/6:23 AM | Reply
Why thank you. This is the oldest thing I have on poemranker, and so it's very gratifying when people like it.
[10] god'swife @ | 8-Nov-02/1:36 AM | Reply
I should have given this a ten. So I will.
[n/a] Christof @ > god'swife | 8-Nov-02/1:39 AM | Reply
Why thank you. It's nice to see old stuff revisited, and this one in particular means a lot to me. It was something of an exorcism.
[8] horus8 @ | 16-Jun-03/2:49 PM | Reply
This children is Christof, he is poet, where and when you newbies are not, reap it!

This poem, by the way Christ (if I may use diminutives) is just splendid, have an 8, i actually think it deserves a nine, but since you are an exceptional poet. I can't honestly read all of your poems and give them what they deserve, because then, I believe, I would just be knocking myself out of the top fifteen, and since everyone hates me, it would be impossible to recover my standings, forgive me oh dead composer.
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