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A Fabrication (Free verse) by whispern_smoke_wisp
I’m going to write a story about a family. It will have a mother and a father a girl and a boy and a dog and cat. The mother and the father will both work. Not for the money but for the pleasure they get from what they do. But it is okay, because the kids go the their Grandparents after school. And even though with all of their hectic activities they rarely get to see each other during the week. Sunday is always brunch and family movie day, followed by dinenr with Grandma. I am going to write a story about a town. It will have a mayor, and a council, and committee’s that makes sure that everything gets done. And the crime rate will be close to 0. And nobody minds being talked about, because there is no bad gossip here. They all respect each others privacy. And every spring the highschool does a play, from Shakespeare. And everybody comes out to watch it, even if it isn’t that good. I’m going to write a story about a country. Where everybody goes out to vote in the elections. And where all of the politicians are honest and have the peoples best interest in heart. It will be a country where everybody will always support their country even if they don’t agree, because, it is their country. And no one will ever complain about taxes, because they understand why they are collected, and the forms for them are extremely simple. There will be no judging, or prejudice, and everybody will coexist in a fairly peaceful way. I’m going to write a story about a world. Where there is no need to check people at the borders of countries. There are not terrorists. And the bad guys always get apprehended at just the right moment, usually because their plan is stupid, and they aren’t too bright themselves. Nobody knows what a nuclear bomb is. And there are no land disputes, and all of the countries are equal. In it, the UN will be a source of world government. Wielding power fairly to keep the world at peace. And everybody agrees that it is important to help any countries that are down. I am going to write a story about a universe. Where there is life on other planets and on other galaxies. We humans need only to discover them. And when they do, their will be peace between us and the aliens, so to speak. And communication will develop between us, and we will share our technologies with each other. Of course their will be vacations to other solar systems on a regular basis. And people will continue discovering things, in this Space frontier. And when all of space is explored something else will be discovered, to feed the adventurer spirit. And if you go far enough out into the middle of nowhere in this galactic universe, that I am fabricating, you will eventually reach a cloud or a planet or large blanket of mist like the milky way, but it will be 10 times greater. And if you poke your head or you spaceship through that layer of nothing you will discover the angels, and maybe they will be having a dance competition, with God.

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Posted: March 4, 2005 6:39 PM PST; Last modified: March 4, 2005 6:39 PM PST
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[9] Plaidypus @ | 6-Mar-05/9:31 AM | Reply
I really enjoyed this poem!!
[n/a] whispern_smoke_wisp @ > Plaidypus | 6-Mar-05/12:00 PM | Reply
thank you so much! i guess this means I have suceeded then(as a poet) if i've made a reader happy!
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