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Picasso: Death is a Mental Song (Free verse) by DreamerSupreme
- - When I see a Picasso painting, I'm always reminded of my poetic opinion concerning the soul and the meaning of that strange disfigured style of his: He was capturing the effects of sadistic violence, painting bright colored beaten images to show the mind of a killer. He was a winner, the man who could pick up prostitutes, seduce them, fuck them, and beat them silly. He may have been witty, I might never know. I do know his paintings were strange, and made me think about the joy of killing. He caused me to experience the pleasure of bashing flesh to a deep purple bruise. He showed me what a man sees when he has nothing to lose. He showed me the beauty of the animal that is caged within man; the pure consciousness of survival and the elimination of the weak. This man was damn good, being able to speak like a poet, with colors and not words, a brush and no pen.

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Posted: August 28, 2003 3:47 AM PDT; Last modified: August 28, 2003 5:31 AM PDT
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[0] King Abdullah II @ | 28-Aug-03/10:02 AM | Reply
Poopy on a stick would be more entertaining, you hopeless turd.
[n/a] Don-Quixote @ > King Abdullah II | 28-Aug-03/10:37 AM | Reply
you know, i really dont want you mentioning what you consider the breakfast of champions, it reveals why ive always been repulsed by your breath.. poop sticks arent that good for the olfactory senses of other people.. mouthwash isnt expensive, but perhaps you would like me to donate 10 dollars into the "save King Abdullahs breath foundation" ?

it would be a worthy investment i think anyway. :)
[0] Crakyamuni @ | 28-Aug-03/12:01 PM | Reply
fucking 8th grade poopy! a downward spiral
[n/a] Don-Quixote @ > Crakyamuni | 28-Aug-03/1:50 PM | Reply
Preschool commentry. if your going to diss me, do it in a fashion that shows intelligence, or maybe some good humor would do it.. but either of these i dont feel your able to pull off, so dont bother trying.
[7] deleted user @ | 20-Sep-03/9:31 PM | Reply
I thought this was okay.
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