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#2 Entry from Chico, a stalker on Pico, Jason Bigg's lobster (Other) by <{Baba^Yaga}>
Okay, hello me name is Chico, and I am an stalker of the stars and a little screwy in me caboose Okay, you know an Enterainment E kind of guy Okay. sortof guy... Okay so, as promised, I followed thee Mr. Jason biggs a home last night, and boy let me tell you that Jew has one big lobster. i had to cover me face to keep from wincing audibly, an den me zipper stuck. Okay, so then I figured that Jason would maybe play with his lobster a bit, you know, do a trick or two with that trembling monster. I will just be telling you. I was impressed... Okay, but no, instead he pulls out a blowtorch and fry his willy lobster on a roll out cutting board. This Jew is a very well endowed talent and I was very close to leaping in and embracing his lobster for a bit of cpr... Okay, but I got me wits and pulled finger in me pooper instead? Okay, well, Hello, I am Chico. Buenos Noches me amigos, Okay.

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Posted: September 3, 2003 3:06 AM PDT; Last modified: September 3, 2003 3:10 AM PDT
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[2] sliver @ | 3-Sep-03/7:26 AM | Reply
Chico has issues big ones
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > sliver | 3-Sep-03/7:35 AM | Reply
well, cmon now, chico just has some gears that suffer reverse rotation and need a serious amount of grease.
[10] Jeremi @ | 3-Sep-03/1:56 PM | Reply
Brilliant. I want to see more diary entries from you.
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