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An Angel from Venice Disappears (Other) by DreamerSupreme
me mouse points, clicks keyboard comment and fingers speak pondering and reading angel poems when the winged european escaped my eyes called back her writings, and left me to discover that she has left rankerville in a flash why? is it so hard to face challenges opposing views, satire and frank expressions of poetic opinion? I thought she had more spine and wing strength ah.. some just dont have the brass and gorilla spirit to tolerate the jungle of sharp teeth and harsh roarings. she wasnt too bad either.. tsk.

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Arithmetic Mean: 8.166667
Weighted score: 5.851648
Overall Rank: 1558
Posted: October 3, 2003 5:26 PM PDT; Last modified: October 3, 2003 5:26 PM PDT
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[10] deleted user @ | 3-Oct-03/8:15 PM | Reply
I'm still here. ;)Just got sick of that guy harrassing me!
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > deleted user | 3-Oct-03/10:32 PM | Reply
my best friends and even my most annoying and diabolical enemies offer opportunity for constructive learning.

[n/a] poetandknowit @ | 3-Oct-03/9:50 PM | Reply
Lovely. And such original thinking.
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > poetandknowit | 3-Oct-03/10:28 PM | Reply
Are you some mechanical bot that has some specially programmed ai used to pick writings of a certain nature and then comment with the default response setting?

im not sure how -original- this is.. but ok.

-note to self: why is p&k suddenly commenting on my stuff? -shrug- oh well, i needed something out of the ordinary these days..--
[9] The_Third_Isis @ | 24-Nov-03/12:55 PM | Reply
perhaps you can see a "new winged one' at the cathedral of Notre Dame, she will come back speewing some hot tar out of her mouth/fingers I hope. This is not a test...believe me in the real "Jungle" the roarings are spine tingling, and the smell of monkey shit slinging is a nauseating reality, this is a fun arena..really! sighhhh.
[n/a] Caducus @ | 27-Nov-03/2:00 AM | Reply
I've been checking your vote archives and from what i see, someone is zeroing you out of petty revenge.

At least I know your better than that.
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > Caducus | 27-Nov-03/3:14 AM | Reply
Ah well, DreamerSupreme has been getting zeroed for about two months now- slowly and sporadically.

But yesterday someone has zerobombed almost all of my poetry under SD- some which I was very proud of, or had high averages, like Aluminum Xena, Memoirs of a Monk, and Padres Gumbo.

I usually don't care who gives the occassional anon zero- but in this case I do, simply to know and perhaps get a clue as to why they zerobombed me.

I'm sure not anything close to a "mature" poet- I've done plenty of wild stunts. But zerobombing a persons entire archive? Never. I'm a roguish jester poet- not a pathetic one. Wouldn't even do it to the person that zerobombs me.
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