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My nails are in love with your chalkboard (Other) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
1. You let your papers expire. You are as valid in this country as a Mexican mule. 2. You have to go back to your country and he has to ask you to come back and marry him. 3. Don't fuck with me Patricia, I'm smarter than you, so shut the fuck up, and watch who you call a WHORE, whore. 4. What type of whore utilizes the handicapped for citizenship? A scared one. 5. Fuck, and rock for your freedom for the next three years, I hope your oral spell on him doesn't wear off, you'll have to find some other sucker. 6. Hija de su putisima madre. 7. Your fiancee has to ask immigration to allow you to come back to the USA... Heaven forbid you have an accident. 8. You need to go back to your country, or shut the fuck up before I send you back EARLY. Legally you have to get married, come back to the USA, after a while, naturally. How long you can keep fucking off people that confide their personal lifes with you? Peasant. 9. As your friend, earlier, (if you would have trusted me, like I did you, with my sensitive information?) I could have helped you as a friend, get legal. 10. Say ONE MORE WORD about me with your Judas breath and you will be La Migra'd whore. Got that? 11. Being with someone for the papers is the lowest form of whoring, Judas. 12. I always wondered why David climbed that mountain in Equador? He was flipping you off. Guess what? I'm with him. 13. In the future? Don't fuck with the devil you'll get pitch forked.

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