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Telegram for Mr. Prawne (Other) by DreamerSupreme
A letter addressed to a certain cave dwelling crustacean who dons spit- shined Wellingtons. Mayhaps me tongue seems tangled and twirled emitting an uncomfortable silence, effectively gutting the flow of conversation, but it is merely me expressing awe and utter infatuation. Then again, me raving ways are akin to herpes, swelling at any odd occasion, at times irritating the soles of your glistening Wellingtons. (A residual effect of my malcontent and crude ways, but surely it could never impede the swelling of your dreadful embrowning.) Consider this, my respected nemesis and living anti-thesis, a jesters way of apologizing for my absent mind and tongue. I hope to stain and besmirch your shiny Wellingtons another day, during a different adventure in the dark embrowned slickness of the chatcave. May we then do battle or engage each other in more lively discourse, adding another chapter in our otherwise swollen and turbulent Brown Sea Saga - (A Crustaceans Account of Pirates and Sea-Clowns.) Sincerely, your ever smirking dunce of a jester, Mr. SupremeDreamer.

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xxx68.164.242.1510June 5, 2005 12:19 PM PDT
Dovina24.52.157.1767July 3, 2004 9:28 AM PDT

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