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Order My Book, And $4.00 Will Go To Killing A Pop Star (Free verse) by <{Baba^Yaga}> My favorite planet is Uranus I don't care what you think, Because you barely do I have ninja skills and I wear socks for shoes I look edgy, but I feel Country. I don't get out much, speaking bluntly I am very good looking, and muscular with just enough hair on all the right spots. I'm interesting Like toilet bowl cleaner My favorite movie? Dead Ringers. With a beard, and hazel eyes two ranch dressings, and some cold french fries, I spot from a distance Suzanne Summer's Thighs, and I shout "FLEX!" And then I flip her off and flash her my ding-a-ling. I am brave like melting chocolate. I have Hip style like a Gillette triple blade lubricated razor. My underwear? Too tight. My hat's tag? Just right, and I'm a guaranteed one night stand with a side of super herpes. Guess what? Fuck You Guess when? Any time Guess how? Economically Guess why? I'm American As American as a Golden Retriever and a snow-cone by the pool It's good to be a white republican It's good to think "Down-sizing's cool" Later on for desert, perhaps I'll downsize a Mai Tai, and contemplate how to get in your wife's pants, or at least deprive your daughter of a college grant. What the fuck There are only so many holes to putt through before happy hour, and a limo back to the airport. Vote For George Bush! Because, it's the Masonic thing to do, and the guy sounds really funny if you're high on glue.

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