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where are you (Free verse) by whispern_smoke_wisp
I'm wandering down the halls after nearly everyone is gone and I'm looking for you hoping you will be there Oh, mystery person where ever you are I can sense your presence It is a thick black shadow of sadness that drifts over me when ever you arrive It is okay because when this happens It sets off the alarms in my head that tell me to start searching again for you who is meant to save me Everytime I think I see you out of the corner of my eye It is not so And everytime I think I finally hear you talking to me It is just a person asking me how it is going. Where are you? Oh, mystery person, who is meant to look into my soul and read me all of my secrets. Where are you Oh mystery person, you are supposed to come to me and see it all in my eyes. Where are you, Oh mystery person, shadow of mist, I can feel you. Come out come out wherever you are I give up you can win, whatever it is we are playing here. just please Oh mystery person Let me see you.

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