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A prayer about Jesus (Lyric) by Sing4Jesus!
Lord teach me please, to know Your Way, The pain You suffered all on Good Friday, While this earth with love You save On us who doth with anger rave. "Teach me O Lord to understand The last of all the falls You've had While on Your way to Calvary Your lovely sacrifice - just for me". Thus prayed I, and Iwent to sleep (The Lord indeed doth promise keep); The following day revealed His pain My prayer was never said in vain. Next morning, I, my local road did cross Surprisingly I had a nasty toss A passing bike had brushed me pas Into confusion on the ground was I cast. Some people gathered round to mend Especially one - indeed a friend; They pulled me to my feet to see If I was all right and unhurt within me. The name of Jesus cried my heart The very moment I had a nasty start Then His peace just kept flowing on All scare and fright seemed to be gone. One person stood out amongst the crowd To call Him friend I am so proud He gave me a drink I loved it so much His help to me my heart did touch. He took me to the hospital near, To cast away any of my remaining fear He thought I might be having still For the security of his mind - to see me well. "You're all right", explained a Dr Fusad Who no doubt was quite amused. There's nary a scratch or wound to show An accident you have been through". My friend and I then went our ways And slowly I got out of my daze Of the event I had just been through Could it indeed really be true? I kept wondering what the plan Of God was, through my accident. Perhaps of goodness and of love And of His ample mercy from above? That night I thanked Him and praised His name And wondered about this sort of game I had been through and didn't know About the meaning of Life anymore. Then the wisdom of the Spirit spoke All chains and barriers He broke His peace and love to me, it flowed on All through the night until the next morn. The Holy Spirit spoke to me as well Of the joy I felt - it's really hard to tell The pain of His third fall I knew So I'd like to share it all with you. Now look: Christ carried His cross on Good Friday And He had three falls he had along the way Of shame and a Father's abandonment For us - all His energy He had spent. His whole body was badly bruised Him the people all around abused: "Crucify Him, Crucify Him!", out they cried Cos in His love they did not abide. Wine mixed with gall, He had to drink Little did they realize the link To the freedom they dreamt through their striving Thinking the Saviour's still arriving! No one was willing to carry the weight; Simon of Cyrene was forced to take A share of the load our Lord bore on For you and for me and our sinful life run. Now my conclusions are really everv so clear And are given to me by the Holy Spirit dear Of my accident and our Lord's Calvaric fall This indeed makes me feel so small. I fell down and also our Lord did too All seemed to know me - Him none really knew They pulled me up - He tried so hard Juice was I given - He got gall from a guard. Willingly someone came and helped me But Simon of Cyrene was forced to see The only way for him through the city Was to carry the cross - by fear or by pity. This makes me see His love for me Cos the people around were all happy To see me walking around on my feet again Without a scratch or sign of much pain. But our Lord was far worse-off than me The sort of treatment He had scares me To see Him dead was their only plan And of all who belong to His heavenly clan. This proves to me no doubt, that just When you pray with your heart and trust The Lord will speak in different ways Within a moment or in several days. Each event of your life will surely show How your life for God can quickly grow If you will only ask Him please to Reach out and prove Himself to You. Are you willing to grasp gratefully The shining road to the heavenly safety? Just tell Him, "O lead me on, help me up I am all Yours Jesus! You can sign me up!"

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