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SHIT WORSHIP (Free verse) by Big Cock Charlie
I gazed at the fat whore's arsehole in wonder and shoved my nose An inch or two from its unwashed stench and inhaled deeply; The aroma I enjoyed reeked of true womanshit qualities: musky and meaty. 'Twas truly top-notch turd meat, solid and firm and chocolate rich - Just the kind of luscious poop I needed to consume to subjugate myself, A wondrous anal treat of masochistic splendour. I prayed the bitch had a two-foot sausage of butt-beef up there And I begged her to start squeezing it out into my gaping gob. Her wrinkled asshole was more dilated now and ready to give birth To a beauteous brown offering of god-given femme girlcrap "Eat it, you filthy mother!" my lover caringly shrieked And I gobbled up every lovely tasty morsel, dreading what a waste It would have been to have flushed down a toilet such faecal beauty. As the sacred taste of the rich hearty pre-digested meat hit me, I could scarcely breathe for joy, revelling in its wonder; I chewed on the glorious, primal juices, thanking God for its horror. "Thank you, you disgusting bag" I murmured gratefully Just before she farted and plopped another one in my eye.

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