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Reptilian Evolution (Free verse) by DreamerSupreme
A dream oasis located in the storm planet of a schizophrenic visionary; the location of our current plot. Starry eyed child naive, taught to believe that he can walk upon water. His psychosis drives him to hallucinate his desired fate, driving the nails of denial deep into the incurable narcissism that he endures daily. The illness is slowly turning into a smooth solid concrete road to a so-called holy rebirth. Now he has been baptized and genetically altered into a south American lizard, with quick Irish feet to dance across the amazon. I, being a buzzard, a carrion eater of left over scraps that remain on the rainforest floor, did suddenly spot with my satellite probes this sweet jar of custard. With a swift sadistic conclusion I did judge his true destiny: To become a pungent puddle of bloody mustard. As he dances on water, I swoop low and insert my talons into his paltry green flesh and lift him straight into the atmosphere. Smiling, as I deliver an injection of reality, this reptile feels the rush as I release my grip and he sky dives straight into the jagged river rocks. My beak opens releasing an irritating cackle: "Evolution bitch! You should of converted into a deep water tuna fish!" ========================================================== For all the failed poets who fell into the ocean of fire unable to pass the test of words.

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