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Chaos, Time, and Awakening (Free verse) by DreamerSupreme
- I have slept sound and dreamed my nightmare to its muddy roots. Fingerprints smudged the paths that took me there back then, the day I traveled forwards. An eternity of sceneries flashing before my minds eye and voices spoke of smiles, frowns, along with too many emotions inbetween. The visions became a part of me when young eyes opened to dreams flowing via vibrations into and out of everything. I smile now Chantal, but I frown a moment for you, stuck in the past, destined to die- never knowing of my chaos waltz with the future. You seek even now to be cut down, but you linger since life demands that you untie your rope... Alas, patience does run thin and you are more stubborn than me, who erased the riddle before it could appear. Yes Papa, my ears hear your voice and its good to be back home.

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