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Completely nude and then out the window (Free verse) by <{Baba^Yaga}>
Jagermeister while babysitting the bosses' kids helps to pass the time, but not pass up the mom. The way she's been sticking around and making light talk isn't unusual just hot around the collar. I know I'm 19 and out of my league, but that's what makes the tension that much more taut. Like last week when she paid me off, and walked me out? She held my hand a full three seconds too long. She made eye contact past the pupils & hot knifed through my lack of things to make small talk about. She brought up warmth and questions that only a woman that's had children can answer. Things like where I should put it, and how long and consistently I should keep it there? Or how clothes should be peeled back when one is in a hurry, but not so pressed for speed that the shape of my manhood should go uncomplimented. or the smooth small tucked shaved lips of her grip should go unattended too, even with brief tongue or slight mouth pulls. Lubrication and steady unfaltering pumping. The way a young farmer might do while experimenting with his father's overworked soil. Back then I fucked like I shopped. A teenager without an age to blame and ride out on. With an uncertain steady know how that border lined pure lost forever ness. Coupled by a young man's guilty soul patch, and shuffle still half brand new.

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