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The 8th Day (Free verse) by whispern_smoke_wisp
The Beatles made a very interesting point when they asserted that their were 8 days in a week I often feel that that cannot be too far from reality since I so often feel like I am missing something. it could be a day I have lost I wouldnt be surprised I am not to organized . But I wonder, am I the only one missing these days is there a whole world wide society organized around the goal of making me loose this one day of the week Were the Beatles horrible traitors making this song letting the truth slip out Supposing that this rather fantastical version is not true then what is the truth Where has the 8th day gone? Are we all missing it? I think that that seems a bit strange 6 billion some people all loosing things all at the same time.

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Posted: March 4, 2005 7:01 PM PST; Last modified: March 4, 2005 7:01 PM PST
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[n/a] Plaidypus @ | 6-Mar-05/9:34 AM | Reply
their should be spelled "there", just to let you know.
Also, "loose" should be "lose"
[n/a] whispern_smoke_wisp @ > Plaidypus | 6-Mar-05/4:18 PM | Reply
thanks - im not so good at spelling (i should probably work on that)
[8] thepinkbunnyofdoom @ | 11-Mar-05/3:53 PM | Reply
Well they're going to kill me for revealing this but... Yes there is an 8th day. The thing is, its not a day with a night, and nice round even numbers. Haven't you ever noticed the extra hours that just seem to have slipped themselves between minutes. Those are the 8th day.

<3 Jason
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