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Foie Gras (Sonnet) by Christof
Ring damn you ring and let it be Some telesales rep or marketeer And let me pick up the funnel and pour My warm scorn into their captive ear Until they burst or I burst first. I'm grey before my day and lumpen from fear That I'll never again strike the winning runs Or shag the blonde I once lived near. There's me and my office and the filleted men Who work for me, shrink from me, call me their friend And the blank night sky where there once was a screen For the playing and playing of favourite dreams There's me and my office and the pulsing release Of the torture of geese.

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Posted: June 21, 2007 5:18 AM PDT; Last modified: June 21, 2007 5:18 AM PDT
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[9] Ranger @ | 21-Jun-07/5:23 AM | Reply
The best game you can play with telesales is to pretend that you're interested in it as a career and ask them all about their job. See how long you can string them along for before they hang up.

Love the torture of geese. Glorious.
[10] Skamper @ | 21-Jun-07/4:14 PM | Reply
All capitol letters should be demoted immediately, and only given the right to become bigger when requested. Don't be so lazy as to let Word write your lines for you! This is the third or fourth poem I've come across today with idleness stamped all over it. Switch to notepad, take back control...OK that said this is fabulous, loving it. A little jumpy but still full marks for writing with substance.
[9] lmp @ | 22-Jun-07/7:38 AM | Reply
lots of good stuff here: "warm scorn". "lumpen from fear", "filleted men". is it a British saying to call a telephone handset a funnel or is that an expression of the poem. if the latter, another good one.

what i get from this is a lonely businessman, pining for his youth with drive-in theatres, sports victories, and of course, shagging. all the trappings of success without any real substance.

didnt quite get the torture of geese unless it is a reference to hearing a novice playing bagpipes.
[n/a] Christof @ > lmp | 25-Jun-07/1:38 AM | Reply
The 'funnel' is my own term, glad you like it! And the geese are referring back to the title - they are the telesales people being filled up until they burst, like geese fattened up to make pate de foie gras.
[9] deleted user @ | 26-Jun-07/6:04 PM | Reply
A fine write--paints an excellent picture of a Scrooge like character.
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