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Blind Walk Into Poem Ranker (Free verse) by DreamerSupreme
Off I went, hell bent, -And I thought heaven sent- Into this strange domain. To discover what I might gain From continuing this once failed adventure. First I met a gnome, Who, with a stick slapped me 'Cross the dome: Telling me that I was silly For holding a copyright banner He reminded me of yoda, Holding pepsi cola. Consequently I met a dictionary fairy. With black tipped wings. That sings, Annoyingly, into my ear. Speaking words that I thought Were meant to strike fear Into my heart. Subsequently I decided to fart In his face. But, I lost the race. For like the gnome said, I'd be bored back to bed. From the endless battles. Ended with the sound Of senile cackles. Leaving me in shackles Of irritation. Boasting my songs childishly, I wandered blindly. Stepping on the can of soda That belonged to yoda. Damned gnome got pissed And became some fucking ninja. He had mind controll Over my horse. So as predicted, I did fall afflicted From pain sent by yodas lightsaber. Awakening drunk I realized: That indeed I was a fool. So I started attacking, But skill was yet lacking. Left smacking my lips, Not liking the foul taste Of the situation. I felt like a snake. Now I swim in a lake Called joy luck. He wrote hallmark poetry For a buck fifty. Poems very thrifty and clever, Shit that was simple yet lasted forever In my mind. Pictures of words Showing me standing on yodas dick. Making me feel more like a prick: Silly redneck lost In england, beaten with A rubberband, put around my head. Cutting off circulation, And passing out. Back to bed Just like the gnome said Would happen, if I didn't think Before yappin.

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