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#1 entry from Chico, the star stalker on Pico (Free verse) by <{Baba^Yaga}>
Okay, so I'm outside of Jared Leto's house, and I'm whistling "Walking on the moon" by the Police, and doing my figure eight circles between the tree and the hedgerow. When out walk Cameron Diaz in a tiff with a painting. She wedges it into the trash. Jumps into her Blk Vw Bug w/thirty seconds to mars sticker on it, and rips out of there. Okay, so she did not see me, for I had leaped, ninja like into the gutter, though my tight hot pink spandex and mullet are a bit noticable, I hid my face, behind the "Enquirer" I keep with me, in case there is no toilet paper. Okay, so this is when I grabbed said picture of art, and dashed home to dance naked and kareoke while preparing my traditional Korean dinner, after doing these t'ings, I inspected my treasure. It was a rockstar with his penis pushed through a girls ass and out her belly, and she had no head, and he was reaching around her and grabbin' his own cock all in the shape of an air guitar tribute to something only Jared understands. Okay, so now we know that it's only a matter of time before all stars are twelve naked on stage with penis shaped boxing gloves and sex toys fisting their parents, peers, countrys, and galaxys to death, because everybody's after them. And life is unfair, and full of let downs. We all want their lovely fucking pricks pin cushioning us forever. This is why I love this town. And have become an expert at Trashomancy. Okay, so next week we will be visiting someone new, A sexy Jew, Jason Biggs, the pie guy, bless 'is heart. Okay, so see you then, and remember your trash cans are my chrystal balls.

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