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Pray For Cum By JesusFreak (parody of CLS's pray for help) (Free verse) by DreamerSupreme
Lay Your stroke upon my wrinkled boob allow Your mushroom brush to paint me white Touch my cheek, penetrate my lips You have already paid the fee. Place Your hand upon my shoulder, Show me how to deep throat, Let me gulp on your holy rod, Quench my hunger Israeli sausage makes me drool it causes my mouth to drip cum forming a huge white pool on the floor of this holy church i wish for you to lurch in orgasmic joy, i wish you to allow me entrance to heaven but better yet, i wish to have your child, and make my twat a haven for your holy snake to slither and tickle my womb, delivering the spawn of divine beauty as your cock withers. -St. Peter snickers while watching Jesus get head and whispers to St. John: But since its an accursed phallus, she shall receive the spawn of Satan, and discover Jesus to be the son of a god who does not smile upon Babylonian whores.

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