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20 most recent comments by whispern_smoke_wisp
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Re: What? by DaRkMoOnLuVeR 5-Mar-05/9:48 AM
i agree with i_am_the_popsicle
Re: Do I Know U? by DaRkMoOnLuVeR 5-Mar-05/9:49 AM
i agree with crooked_smile
regarding some deleted poem... 5-Mar-05/9:54 AM
i agree with i_am_the_popsicle
Re: Infatuation by noonewantstobealone 9-Mar-05/3:38 PM
1) if it is on a site called why would you post that which is not a poem

2) it definetly sounds like a poetic attempt, I'm not quite sure how well you suceeded by it sounds like a poem to me

3) it was a good effort and I will acknowledge that so often the words to describe what we feel escape us and we almost always come up short in trying to describe both the happy and the poignant

4) all that aside i don't really care for this that much i give it a 6

Re: Revolution by Nitroxide 9-Mar-05/3:43 PM
i like the intention but, i dont think we will ever have a Utopia, at least not one this earth, things can get better but they wont change, until people do

and people haven't changed that much at all since the time of the grecians,

thats 2000+ years of human nature working against you

it would be nice though (the utopia)
Re: Some Things by Christof 9-Mar-05/3:44 PM
i like this i do - but one comment - be more specific when you say she - it was a little confusing at times as to whether you were discussing the librarian or the girl.......

Re: Nitro by NNirvana13666 9-Mar-05/3:49 PM
a tad to cliche to be really good
Re: with no words to write by nentwined 9-Mar-05/3:52 PM
i really really like this!
Re: Blessing in desguise by GekoHawaii 9-Mar-05/3:53 PM
i might like this better if i didnt have a strong distaste for rhyme
Re: science by whispern_smoke_wisp 5-Aug-05/6:08 PM
hae any of you ever hugged a dog?

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