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For those who play with shit (Haiku) by <{Baba^Yaga}>
Jesus was a Jew, but you are just a faggot. Some artists cook too. Hitler was a Jew But you are still a homo. Some things never change. Bacon? Also gay! Well what do you fucking know. Detect a pattern? Socrates sure knew the joys of an all boy school! Playing with Plato.

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.5833335
Weighted score: 5.4264507
Overall Rank: 3031
Posted: March 2, 2003 5:03 PM PST; Last modified: March 2, 2003 5:03 PM PST
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[4] OneFingerAnswer @ | 2-Mar-03/6:02 PM | Reply
Hmmmm....Topic isn't great. Style isn't great. Poem isn't great. I think I do detect a pattern. I expected better from you.

[n/a] Bachus @ > OneFingerAnswer | 2-Mar-03/6:18 PM | Reply
Don't. Because in all honesty i could fucking give a shit really.
As for the topic being 'not great' was it suppose to be? Style? that's funny. you're funny? do you detect a pattern? Good for you, congradulation glad it wasn't to cryptic for you. tell me smart guy? How is this haiku series any different from your user name? Exactly, my point. same purpose don't be hypocrite it makes you look stupid.
[7] hipster flare @ | 3-Mar-03/5:31 AM | Reply
I was doing fine until you made fun of bacon. it is my breakfast meat of choice, and it is not gay.
however, the last is the best.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 3-Mar-03/9:28 AM | Reply
[n/a] horus8 @ | 3-Mar-03/11:39 AM | Reply
I know you are, but what am I.

In all honesty I could of took this list to the extremes that no mortal's eyes could fathom lord Turdington. There really is not much of a difference between the 'bang bus' or the 'ass wagon' now is there
-=Dark_Angel=-? We can't all have our checks fashioned into bowls above our faces (levitating no doubt through the power of the KABALAH and Donald Michael Craigs fancy rainbow wand) In the end hoists and pulleys beat out being just an ordinary guy with the undiminishing dream to realize crossing the finish line while it's still daylight and people are handing out Gatorade. Instead of the inevitable lonely chirpe of the last of the sole crickets.
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