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Nothing you can say (Lyric) by Rodavlas
maybe its time we gave it up there's no use in talking anymore maybe its time that I shut up you're sick of me and I'm getting bored (getting bored) stick a needle in my side you took my heart and drained it dry there's no more love in my eyes I fool around like a fool in disguise (in disguise) (refrain) stroll around the old block hit the corner store for a six pack pop the bottle and fling the caps I run around screaming waiting for the cops two steps back and I've fallen off cracked the can and inhaled some smoke to forget about you is what I want drain my eyes of tears for you (tears for you) (refrain) cause nothing you can say will make me stop

Up the ladder: Me and my 'ompanion

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.0833335
Weighted score: 6.523039
Overall Rank: 667
Posted: July 10, 2003 4:11 PM PDT; Last modified: July 10, 2003 4:11 PM PDT
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[0] horus8 @ | 10-Jul-03/4:35 PM | Reply
A fish shitaco with shitillas (warm).
[1] King Abdullah I @ | 11-Jul-03/1:38 AM | Reply
I'm going to make you eat your poems so that you can discover what shit tastes like.
[n/a] akidnamedkev @ | 13-Jul-03/5:56 PM | Reply
"Maybe it's time that i shut up

I think if you shut up it would be best for all of us.
[8] Miggy @ | 13-Jul-03/6:10 PM | Reply
it's ok for a debut, just work harder
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