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Unloyal Poon (Free Puss) by A Spanish Devil (Other) by <{Baba^Yaga}>
An unloyal poon she burns with regretful toss of nair, alone, up a creek of massengil without a paddle. I grope for her gentle poon, to finger her as she glides by, (like a snail on my marble floors) quivering for smoke and pork shoulder, but she sloshes wryly away like an off white bride blushing, menstrual clots in fluid cramping hypnotized as love seeks instead her cleaner ass... Whole moon, barren of yolk or egg her booty reduces my hard, pure, undefiled, staff of relief, no fingerprint, but a mushroom print, and spooge of face cream on her forehead she pools the line of men into a lottery passionately, vibrantly capable of fucking (them all) "with billowing skirt til break of day." I watch her fall in love with the black guy in the corner as I cry holding my red cock to the sky in sorrow as she slips and fades away upon his HUGE UNCUT MAMBA, sighing... I say farewell to her gaping unloyal poon.

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Posted: October 3, 2003 1:25 PM PDT; Last modified: October 3, 2003 1:25 PM PDT
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[n/a] Shardik @ | 3-Oct-03/2:17 PM | Reply
I most often make myself laugh the hardest.
[0] deleted user @ | 3-Oct-03/2:50 PM | Reply
This is a piece for the hounds. Surely you must have a life? Why re-write my poetry? PLEASE for all of us...get out and get some sun!
[n/a] Shardik @ > deleted user | 3-Oct-03/3:02 PM | Reply
No thanks, I have lot's of big windows, and a lovely backyard. Plus I am at work, well, I have to do a movie at the end of the month and play a show at the bigfoot lodge, but other than that this is what I do currently, I'm at my desk, in my beautifully well lit (naturally, of course) Den/Frontroom finishing up my book and writing two movies. One for Carlos Diegus and one for this flaming filipino friend of mine. Therefore, forgive me if I cackle at you and say "Lick my scrotum freak!"
[8] SupremeDreamer @ > deleted user | 3-Oct-03/4:46 PM | Reply
italy, sometimes poetry does include the offensive, anti-PC, and outright disturbing writes, i wouldnt be so narrow minded.

youll find that many good poets carry some "poetry crafted to offend, shock, and anger the masses"

then again, -shrug-. but its wise to not discard anything too quickly- i learned this the hard way. :)
[8] SupremeDreamer @ | 3-Oct-03/4:13 PM | Reply
-how a young man is lead to neo-nazism and the kkk...

jealousy and cock size can produce some interesting and unpleasant results.. heh. 8.
[n/a] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ > SupremeDreamer | 3-Oct-03/4:29 PM | Reply
I rather enjoyed the part with the ass whole moon? lol.
[8] SupremeDreamer @ > Jeremi B. Handrinos | 3-Oct-03/4:42 PM | Reply
the ... dampened the line i think, but nice.. but this made me chuckle with delight the most:

in the corner as I cry holding my red cock
to the sky in sorrow as she slips
and fades away upon his HUGE UNCUT MAMBA

"huge uncut mamba" - perfect unveiling of the mans mental gears in action, lmao.
[7] Cairsten @ | 3-Oct-03/5:39 PM | Reply
I'm crying, I'm laughing so hard. I didn't see the original, but this is hilarious.
[10] Bill Z Bub @ | 3-Oct-03/6:38 PM | Reply
A work of pure unmitigated genius. Poooooooooooooon!
[0] deleted user @ | 3-Oct-03/8:06 PM | Reply
This is plagerism and I've already sent the entire url, copied pg etc in. Get a life! Even to make a parody you need consent. How old are you? 7? And how can anyone think this is funny? You have multiple accounts and are a loser! You sit there behind a computer screen w/o a life tormenting others when in real life I'm sure you've had your share of attitude adjustments! You're probably eating a chicken leg, greasy, un showered, fat, holding your blow up doll, singing along with the Jerry Springer Show and crying to mamma on the phone about what your fat ass wants for christmas! Get a grip and try this in real life! I cannot give you an "L" for LOSER so a "0" will do!
[n/a] Bachus @ > deleted user | 3-Oct-03/8:31 PM | Reply
You obviously haven't done your homework. I suggest you view my homepages or look me up on the I sir, am a bonafide dandy, and quite the lady's man. I'm gentle, handsome, and highly sophisticated. I think you should call the FBI.
[n/a] ecargo @ > deleted user | 3-Oct-03/9:49 PM | Reply
>>This is plagerism [sic] and I've already sent the entire url, copied pg etc in. Get a life! Even to make a parody you need consent.<<

No, you don't. <Putting on my pretty pedant hat,> Parody is a form of expression protected under the First Amendment here in the U.S.--it's considered fair use. The Supreme Court (aka the Felonious Five & colleagues) confirmed this in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music (92-1292), 510 U.S. 569 (1994), when (this is true) 2 Live Crew was sued by the music company that owned the rights to Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman, because 2 Live Crew did a parody of it in their own inimitable fashion. (I don't make this stuff up.) You can read the Court's Opinion here:

Justice Kennedy (who wrote the concurring opinion) set out these relevant observations:

". . . certain general principles are now discernable to define the fair use exception for parody. . . . parody may qualify as fair use only if it draws upon the original composition to make humorous or ironic commentary about that same composition. . . . It is not enough that the parody use the original in a humorous fashion, however creative that humor may be. ***The parody must target the original***[my emphasis], and not just its general style, the genre of art to which it belongs, or society as a whole (although if it targets the original, it may target those features as well)."

Just sayin'.
[n/a] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ > ecargo | 4-Oct-03/12:05 AM | Reply
Sir, you are a gem. God bless you, and this great country. Toasts all AROUND GENTLEMEN! to America!
[8] SupremeDreamer @ > ecargo | 4-Oct-03/3:05 AM | Reply
holy crap.. can i hire you as a laywer?

is there a fee, or do you work pro bono?

is your dayjob something that has to do with law? (im guessing yes)

ive copy pasted this and stuck it in my "legal insurance folder"

its good to have readily available shields.

[0] deleted user @ | 3-Oct-03/8:07 PM | Reply
Baba...?????????--> Bachus, horus8, Shardik, <{Baba^Yaga}> Hmm...funny who those who leave nasty comments and re-write my poetry( Re: Unloyal Poon (Free Puss) by A Spanish Devil by <{Baba^Yaga}>) ALL have the same IP. Surely this person must have a life? I mean to go and re-write one of my pieces?
[0] deleted user @ | 3-Oct-03/8:08 PM | Reply
Jeremi B. Handrinos I'm adding this name to the other list! Bachus, horus8, Shardik, <{Baba^Yaga}> Too many people...1 IP.
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